Our journey starts from Andria, known as the “city of three towers” and one of the most important National Association of Oil City centers, where you can visit mills.

The symbol of the city (and Apulia in general) is Castel Del Monte, the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is famous for its octagonal shape, it was built by Frederick II. The city of Andria has always shown loyalty to him. The monument attracts thousands of visitors a year.

You meet olive groves from Castel del Monte until the appendix of the Murgia and the towns of Minervino Murge, Altamura and Gravina, small agricultural countries, characterized by ancient traditions.

Then you meet Bari, the capital of Apulia. The alleys have become the heart of the city, after a crumbling period. leaving room for new tourist routes, new offices and a growing number of tourists.

Then you arrive at Bitonto, a Renaissance center with Byzantine churches. Along the coast you find Molfetta, one of the landing points of the Venetian ships and Bisceglie, a medieval old town with a natural harbour.

Then, Trani, with its cathedral that seemingly emerges from the sea, and at the end Barletta, with long beaches and a well-preserved historic center. After all this walking, here we are back in Andria.