The life and housing dimension of a ancient building, its stratifications, the different social classes that frequent it, become a common story, an expression of the history of an entire community and its traditions.

CasaMuseo Borgomurgia is an evocative and immersive visit itinerary, which will soon also be multimedial and interactive, correlated to a narration in the form of an audiobook, usable in podcasts or even via video, playable via Qr-code.

The story derives from an accurate research and documentation work, which is mediated by a simpler and more communicative language, through the character of Annina who, like a Virgil, will lead the guest from the hinterland of the Borgomurgia building and ideally through the streets of the ancient village, up to some of the symbolic monuments of the city of Andria, through a journey to discover the history of our community.”

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